I'd like to think it was my drama curriculum, but my wild rice chicken salad probably should get some credit.

Greg had invited Dr. J. Nathan Corbitt, author of Sound of the Harvest and Taking it to the Streets: using the arts to transform your community, to speak at Northwestern College back when we lived in Orange City, Iowa. He then asked Nathan over for lunch--the wild rice salad and bran muffins--and a few months later, I was teaching theatre to a handful of adults at the Campolo School for Social Change, for Corbitt's organization BuildaBridge.

Over the next several years this annual institute grew, and I was privileged to teach at several homeless shelters in the Philadelphia area.

These Monday nights I write about, my weekly teaching of theatre in a shelter here in Grand Rapids? Probably never would have happened were it not for BuildaBridge.

BuildaBridge takes the arts to the tough places of Philadelphia; I can testify personally to the impact they have made.

They've issued a challenge to collect $10 from as many people as possible.

Consider skipping a few lattes and giving the money to an organization who will use it for the greater good. Learn more about BuildaBridge and donate to them by visiting here.


  1. Do you keep changing the first line of this post? I've refreshed several times and seen the length of the line jumping around.

  2. You don't miss a trick, do you? I'm continually tinkering with these posts; it's half the fun for me. Too, when I hit "publish post," I often finally figure out what it was I had been trying to say. In fact, I think I might change this first line back...


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