The End Of An Era: RIP Chubby and Lipstick

Let it be known that Chubby and Lipstick, our two giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches, have passed on. They were preceded in death by Sticky, the first of our roach pets, who lived a long and full life, despite being forced into re-enactments of WALL-E; and by Dora, their former roommate, who lived up to her title ("the Explorer") by venturing out of her LEGO castle and into the far reaches of the garage, where she was found during a Michigan season unlike those experienced on her home continent. We can't say exactly when Chubby and Lipstick passed on, unfortunately; they had been performing the dead cockroach exercise for some time now, and just when we'd shed a tear, they'd wiggle a little leg as if to say, Ha! Got you!

Read about their past adventures here.


  1. You know what's funny? When the first one died--Sticky--we were completely sad and crying. I couldn't believe I was crying over an insect. But these ones, who look exactly the same, did not instill the same level of sentimentality. I even got creeped out holding them sometimes, whereas I enjoyed playing with Sticky. Doesn't make a bit of sense, but there you have it.

  2. I remember cockroaches of similiar size in our house growing up, and then again in Texas--that one was a flying cockroach, and when Martin tried to remove it peaceably (he will not harm anything if he can help it), it flew into his hair and I just killed myself laughing.
    Will you get more? Did the boys choose this over another pet, such as a snake or rodent? You are my only friend who willingly goes into a ring where she may get knocked out and my only friend who had cockroaches for pets. It all makes for very interesting stories.

  3. And I used to think I did it all for the stories, but that's too much work to do for kicks! No, this is indeed the end of an era: no more c-roaches. I kinda missed them this morning when I saw some new gadget that lights up the bug from underneath and projects it onto your ceiling. Not sure what Chubby and Lipstick would have felt about it, but a giant roach crawling across the ceiling would have been a sight to behold! And a story to tell.


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