I can't quit thinking about getting hit in the head.

Mostly I'm thinking about how I kept getting hit in the same place. The left side of my head. By her right glove. Hard. A bunch of times, and not all at once.

One would think that if one was being hit repeatedly, one would get the idea to cover up that spot with one's glove to avoid it happening again.

But no.

I stood there thinking about other things. Like how I'd do something fancy, like a 1-3-2-3.

POW. Right hook to the head.

Maybe I can throw a strong jab and break through her gloves, I'm thinking.

WHAM. Right hook to the head.

Or if I throw two quick jabs, that'll really teach her. Yeah.


Worrying about tomorrow when today is right here at my temple.

And I thought, how often does that happen?


  1. How often?
    A lot, I'm afraid.
    But at least after you get it in the nose a thousand times, it doesn't bleed anymore (most of the small blood vessels are dead by then). Have fun!

  2. You missed my grand life metaphor here, Robert--but I guess when a metaphor is this literal--no longer "it hit me" but "she hit me"--we're on new, unexplored terrain!

  3. Just dropped by here after you left a comment on The Glowing Edge and I see that you, too, have quit worrying about what everyone says about keeping a narrow writing focus on your blog. Yay, us! I think "Theatre, writing and weightlifting" are at least as diverse as "Boxing, rock and laundry." My attitude about it is "Mom's not here so we can do whatever we want." Heh.

    Re: boxing -- SOOO glad to find another crazy woman doing this crazy thing. How long have you been boxing? It *does* take a while to get over being hit (hard, repeatedly) such that you can't think about launching your own offense. But that paralysis wears off eventually, I promise! :)

    Looking forward to hearing more over here!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I'm glad you're here! And I'm glad you're not biased about the way I don't specialize in boxing only. We're well-rounded people with interesting blogs. So there! I need to add to that subtitle of mine...

    I'm still quite new to boxing. Just took about 4 months of a once a week class that was oriented mostly to conditioning and the basic punches. Haven't learned any offenses yet, but I'm on track to learn more about the sport, step by step, punch by punch.


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