Even In The Darkest Place

Last night saw another presentation of Even In The Darkest Place, a reading by five men, former prisoners all.

My script arose from their reflections on moments of hope and despair. In it, I wrote a part that asked for extreme vulnerability from the men.

Some day I'll tell the story of how that didn't go over so well at first, and then very well after that.

These are big men. They put their story out there over and over, and that can't be easy to do. It was a powerful experience yet again.

A special shout out to Rich and Carol Rienstra, whose fine work with men inside and out made this possible.


  1. On behalf of the universe? We would like to thank you for the work you're doing.

    Rock on.

  2. Amy, this looks so interesting. Was it presented at a church? I was trying to figure out what the venue was.

  3. Awww thanks. It's neat to be able to do work that then has a life outside of you--even though I still show up and be bossy when the guys perform.

    Yes, Kim, this was at a church--the third in which they've performed it. Originally, I wrote the script quickly because we were scheduled at our church, but then it went so well they wanted to keep doing it.

  4. I'm glad to see that you are continuing to do this work with them. How awesome not to mention what a great testament this is to the person you are that you do this work but that they continue to do it with you.


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