In The Stars For Me: A Man

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)--You've been looking forward to promoting a certain idea for some time, and today's evolution tells you that the time is now.

I had read my horoscope not long after saying this to my coach: "I need a man."

While on the heavy bag, a girl approached me. We had been partners last week, and I liked her--tall, thin, peppy, with a pleasant demeanor. She had boxed just a little in Ohio before moving back here.

"You ever street fight?" she asked me.
"No," I said.
"Really. Why--have you?" I couldn't quite picture it.
"Oh yeah. Twelve, maybe 15 times. You can do anything in a street fight--claw, scratch, pull they hair."
"And what's that like?"
"It feels good. That's why I took up boxing. Because when I street fight, I make sure I win."

Next thing I know the coach is asking me if I can spar the next night. I couldn't. Woulda been with hair-pulling girl. She's working hard on technique, but I can't imagine that her do-or-die instincts are fully knocked out quite yet.

"How about a man?" I said to the coach. It's not unheard of to spar males with females, but in my gym you don't see it. I hadn't had an opponent for awhile because the female contingent was limited. Now that more are showing up, the coaches are looking to me to spar them.

Some of you might be wondering why I consider it safer to spar with a man than a woman, no matter how crazy she may be. Because craziness is key--I'm not sure what she might do, and if the coaches would catch her beforehand. Things happen fast, and it's her instincts I'm worried about, not her motives. Whereas we had one girl step on her opponent's foot, holding her in place while she snapped her head up. Could have called it an accident except hmmm, she did it again.

Generally speaking, the guys in our gym are the most dedicated of the sexes. They're the ones jumping rope, sparring intensely, getting their roadwork in outside of gym time. A few are smart enough to know how to control their power with someone like me; if they do this, my game will step up a good deal in order to meet their fancy footwork and combos.

It's just what I need: A man. The coach said he'd think about it. But I'm pretty sure it's in the stars.


  1. Please allow me to AFFIRM that for you -- I'm mostly in the ring with men, and given the choice that's who I'll take every time. Except for this one awesome female sparring partner I have, I find most other women are less skilled, more scared, and have more potential to hurt you.

    Just sayin.

  2. I have to say that I'm not entirely comfortable with you walking around a boxing gym announcing, "I need a man"...

  3. GREG: You know the theory I've been promoting around the house lately: go after what you want.

    LISA: Thanks for the tip. Now I'm even more scared of Ms. Hair Puller.

  4. No. But it seems I'm the one they're grooming for her (again, slim pickins of women). As long as no hair pulling ensues, I'll be fine; I'm in better shape than lots of the teenagers. I'm sure you find that too, Lisa, as we have to work for it.


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