I Found The Answer, And It Only Cost Thirty-Two Dollars

Well, maybe not the final word, but this here bag has my kids exerting themselves without any prompting from me.

This, you'll recall, has been a goal of mine. Maybe we should use a grander word here--a quest, a mission, an Oh-God-I'm-Flunking-Parenting desperate grasp for help.

Thank God I ventured out on Black Friday (at night, when Bed Bath And Beyond was as quiet as any other day) and used one of those coupons we all collect like trading cards.

A few weeks later I signed up both kids for a Sports Sampler class at the Y.

They both....wait for it...loved the class.

Stunned, Greg and I asked why. How. Really, you loved it? They did. They just couldn't say why. And that was just fine with us.


  1. Wow. $32 is a lot less than we've paid for stuff for our kids to try out. Nice couponing!

    I think on our "Most Successful Sports Investments" for the kids were the skateboards, a couple of scooters, and a ripstick.

    The foosball table definitely does not go on the list. It was expensive ($150?), they played with it for 2 weeks, then it gathered dust until we Craigslisted it. (Marginal "sport" category anyway.)

    1. I've had a request for a ripstick; maybe I better oblige?


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