My Fifteen Minutes (actually, about an hour)

Boxing is a somewhat solitary pursuit: you hit the bags alone, you shadowbox by yourself in the mirror. At a famous gym like Gleason's, you do your own thing and the limelight is everywhere, from pictures of famous pros on the wall to a television camera following you around. An artist sits ringside and sketches you. I've never had so much attention in my life. And it continues tomorrow: you can watch part of my clinic Friday from 11am to about noon at Click on Gleason's Gym Cam and be a part of the action! Oh, and today I was christened by trainer Jackie Atkins with my first boxing moniker: "Lean and Mean." It's a keeper.


  1. a lean and mean boxing machine! love it! i missed the broadcast, will it be archived anywhere?

  2. The camera was pointed in the wrong direction (it's mounted on the wall). My husband said he saw me about noon taking a picture of a dog, which was not really what he sent me to NY for.


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