Non-linear Thinking, The Video

Here's me practicing the slip. I'm practicing the slip because I had a lot of trouble getting out of the way of the jabs thrown by Sonya Lamonakis, an undefeated heavyweight, even though she was taking it easy on me. Watch as she prowls the background.

Practicing the slip is a standard drill. Why? Because you know the jab is coming. That's what's typically thrown first; it's a ruler to find the face. Ah, there it is. Now watch for the power hand.

I'm a beginner; it's somewhat to be expected that I couldn't get out of the way. But what was going on in my head when that jab was hitting it, you wouldn't believe.

Start back at when I was a kid and couldn't tie my shoes. Couldn't read a clock. Couldn't ride a bike, 'til embarassing late in adolescence.

I have trouble thinking straight, in a line. I am a nonlinear thinker, as you may have guessed from that last post on Cindy Sherman.

But there's nothing more linear than the line from point A (a fist at my/your chin) to point B (a fist in my/your face). The jab is coming. Probably the right is behind it. And maybe then a hook.

Boxing teaches great humility--you hit (I'm tough!) and you get hit (I suck!) There is no room for ego. Yes, eventually you have to tell yourself you are the greatest, because there's no room for wondering when you're stepping into the ring. But it's a humble process getting there. Boxing has taught me humility.

I'm hoping it also can teach me straight thinking. I've spent my life and my adult career fostering the imagination, and that is not called for in the ring (strategic thinking aside).

Thursday night, I sparred with a girl who hit me with some hard rights. My first solid clocking. But it turns out my jabs were hurting her, and she was moving in fear of what my right hand could do.

The right hand...that I didn't throw. It was too...obvious.


  1. Slipping only comes with long practice in the ring. I've been boxing for 3 years now and I'm only just feeling like I'm making progress slipping punches. And NObody slips them all. You take shots in boxing, you just do. But good defense and slips will def help you last, and make you a better fighter every single day. And once you start to feel how they work, you realize that they actually help you load your next shot. You're doing great! Stay strong and keep working hard. BECAUSE YOU ROCK.

  2. cool video. what an amazing experience!

  3. Only 3 years, Lisa? Wow.

    An important point that you just take shots on boxing no matter how hard you try. And in life, too. Right, Shannon?


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