Not Sure What To Make Of This: Summer Edition

My husband and his friend went for a run.

During said run, the two men discussed many topics, among which was the question of whose biceps were bigger.

The kind of thing men talk about when they get together, you're thinking, partly in jest but maybe with a hint of envy, or of pride.

Except in this case they were not discussing their arms, but mine. A contest between the biceps of the friend, who is well over six feet, and mine.*


A discussion of salaries, what people make doing which jobs. Simon, age 11, chimes in with the information that in a classroom project, he had chosen the career of movie director, which would earn him $4000 per year, according to someone's disgruntled calculations.

I explained that 4K would not be enough to live on. Simon says, "That's okay--I chose a wife who works full time."


  1. I'm so proud of both of you! (You and Simon, not your two biceps.) (Although I'm proud of your biceps, too.)


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