Right at this minute, unless you just ate or awoke, your blood sugar is most likely right around 100. That's normal. So when Theo's blood sugar registers around there, say, at 104, it's a cause for celebration. The diabetic, is, for this moment, normal.

But just for a moment. Were you to prick his finger a few seconds later, the number might show at twenty points higher. Still good for a diabetic, but no longer nearing normal. There's no landing there, just skimming near and around, with numbers good, bad, and ugly.

A friend told me her husband's recent bone marrow test was good. He's been in remission for two years. "But you're only clear 'til the next test," she said.

There's no rest, then. How are we to celebrate the good when change, we know, is ahead? And when we know that we won't always know: the twinkies that were abundant on the shelves are now nowhere, without warning. People die. They leave us. We didn't know.

If there is no struggle, the reward is easy and cheap. The struggle for the perfect renders each bite all the sweeter, until every bite is gone.


  1. unexpected twinkie analogy!

    so poetic, especially the last line.


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