Ode to Greg

"Maybe I shouldn't have blogged about the paperboy the day before Valentine's Day," I mused aloud.

"Yup," said Greg.

"Not the current one," I protested.

"I know which one you meant."

"How do you know?"

"The one you had a thing for," he said, not bothering to look up from the paper, which had been delivered right to our door.

"Thing" being a general term, Greg's not worried. We've been together since the day in July 1991 he told me he liked me. Greg knows pretty much every thing going through my busy brain, and yet he sticks around.

He wakes up early to herd the kids off to school, because he knows I can't function if I don't sleep past 7. He listens at night when I'm talkative and he's tired. He works hard and makes time for the kids. His music is smart and his jokes are funny. He gets a big grin on his face when we're able to have the rare date.

He encourages me to follow the paths I should. When those make me too busy to keep up with the housework, he says, "Let it go."

He's my valentine.


  1. I'm lifting a pint to Greg in the general direction of Grand Rapids.

  2. Greg: such a good guy!
    Happy Valentine's!

  3. I liked this a lot. Especially after that whole paper boy thing...

    Lest readers of Amy's blog think this love fest is a one way street, last night I was working on an ode to Amy: http://musicblog.gregscheer.com/2011/02/14/a-valentines-day-gift/.

  4. Awww. Makes me miss you guys.

  5. You guys are so sweet on each other; it's lovely. Amy, love that sassy pink skirt (really nice picture of you two, by the way).

    It's true, Greg is a really wonderful guy, and you two are just plumb for each other. I feel the same way about Martin. . .it's nice to have contemporaries who are in love with their spouses.


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