Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Now that I've tackled the mating habits of sloths, it's time to move on--slowly--to other equally inspiring topics. Here are some that have come to mind recently.

--Romance and Boxing
--"Nakedness, like death, is democratic"
--Cooking and Celibacy

Vote on your favorite, and cupid will take a stab at the winner.


  1. I'm for romance and nakedness. Totally against celibacy and death. Open to trying naked boxing or cooking.

  2. Hey, wait a minute. You'll "take a stab at the winner"? I hereby withdraw my vote.

  3. My vote is Romance and Boxing (I'm wondering if there is any other kind, of romance, that is ;).

  4. Greg: Just no naked cooking. Leave that to the Naked Chef, please.

    Lisa: I'm with you. I'll post something soon.

  5. Is it too late to vote? Here's my question. Can you be celibate and be a really good cook? Or does that kind of tempering-the-passions just leave more zeal for making good food since you're not making good love? I'd direct everyone to the German movie, "Mostly Martha." Interesting study of the above issue.

  6. Well, Kim, that's right along the lines of what had come to mind, based on some experiences I had--with nuns, that is. Maybe I'll try to write on that, too, seeing that I already wrote a post on the "winning" topic.


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