Body, mind, spirit and all that

This morning, a workout for the brain.

In between everything else around here, I'm prepping for a conference next month. The act of writing a lecture and sessions surprised me with its little post-planning buzz. I think and read and write all the time; especially with a new job in a new field, there's no lack of intellectual stimulation. Yet having my hands solidly in material I enjoy brought on the sculptor's delight. Ah, theatre of the oppressed, sweet Augusto, I've missed you.

For you, what brings on the buzz?


  1. I read through the information about your conference and am happily impressed and very proud. I have to sleep some now, but I wanted to let you know how absolutely wondrous I think this is. Rock on, gloved one!!

    fondly, Jennah

  2. Thanks, Jennah! I'm working hard on it, though the rest of life keeps on going!


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