Lunch while reading

Tea while trying to finish

No food at all, for this is a big book belonging to someone else

Waiting for this in the mail


  1. Your reading list is WAY different than mine. . .I love pairing drinking and eating with reading. I'd love to see the books-for-the-day of everyone I know. Amy, I cannot get my head around the idea of wanting to box. It's completely counter-intuitive for me--I read a great essay the other day about Brazilian boxng (I think that's what it's called), which is incredibly brutal, and how it just took hold of this guy--kind of the way boxing has taken hold of you. It's very interesting to me, but I can't understand it in the least. I almost had a panic attack when I went to a self-defense class in college, and I believe that women should know how to defend themselves--maybe I'm missing that innate something you talked about in your reflection, below. I think you should keep exploring why you're drawn to it. . .I find it so interesting.

  2. Should I add that my nighttime reading includes "Queen of the Underworld" by Gail Godwin, plus the latest Alexander McCall Smith?

    Brazilian Ju Jitsu? Muy Thai boxing? I will keep exploring why I want to box. It's a helluva lot of work to do without knowing exactly why.


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