Facing Mortality

Nov 21

Nov 26-29
Began work on book about death.

Nov 27
Doctor's appointment.

Nov 30
Doctor's appointment.

Dec 1

Dec 2
Allergy shots. Began Philip Roth novel.

Dec 3
Doctor's appointment for youngest son. Flu shot.
Blogged before something else can happen.


  1. Now wait a minute--you're making this sound way too melodramatic. I won't reveal your age, but you're still (relatively speaking) a spring chicken. And you're going to get everyone worried talking about an MRI--it was on her *knee*! Granted, this was not the desired way to celebrate your birthday week, but you hardly have one foot in the grave

    Chin up, girl, the best years are ahead of you!

  2. Melodrama? I wrote the facts. And when your knees go, you're officially old. I'm now going to get out of my chair and beat you up--Ow. Forget it.

  3. Blech, no worries. Knees can be replaced. Husbands, on the other hand . . .


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