Not Bad For Someone Who Was Punched In The Head

To help meet the National Blog Posting Month challenge, I'm going to milk the details of my fourth bench press competition for all they're worth. Tune in this upcoming week for stats, photos, and videos. Stats! Photos! Videos! Oh my.


  1. My son used to compete. I was very excited when he was "on deck" but I must admit it is the most boring sport to sit through. I am glad you did well, and look forward to all the details.

  2. I hear ya. And even the thrill of the heavy lifts gets old after awhile. At the meet yesterday, while watching guys struggle at 405, I found myself thinking, "Losers." You get used to the big numbers and lose perspective!

  3. Wow. My slothly brain finally figured out how to follow blogs on the Blogger: Dashboard and I've reading a lot of your writing - and also seeing flexed arm muscles and stunning trophies of sizable victory!!!!!!

  4. Stick around, Jennah--there are always more muscles around the corner, and if not additional trophies, the same 3. Maybe I'll reenact meets and pretend I'm getting more, just for something to do.


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