Embracing the Pause

My fellow benchers and I were surprised to learn, upon arriving at the competition, that it was of the pause at the chest variety. Sending the bar skyward after a full stop at the chest is extra difficult, and usually means you lift less than your best.

I pause-benched 120 on Saturday, which you'll witness in the video below; but using the traditional ribcage-as-trampoline method, I can bench 130. The good news is that I benched ten pounds more than I did at the last pause at the chest comp.


  1. YEAH!! way to fight through it!! I like that phrase at the end.
    You rock Amy. I read this one after reading your Thanksgiving day post about Shaquita and Sojourner Truth.
    You flex those muscles, arms, chest, literary, teacherly.
    Happy belated birthday.


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