The Daily Fs

As you know, I'm trying to blog every day this month, and yes, it's getting to be a bit much. Thanks for sticking with me.

There are three other things I'm trying to do daily--this month, and beyond.

F is for Flax Oil. Flax oil is good for you. Read the specifics elsewhere; in fact, google the name of anything that ails you, and I guarantee that flax oil will appear as a remedy. It's that good.

F is for Flossing. While Greg lies in his hygienist's chair, basking in the glow of the bright light and endless praise for his beautiful teeth, teeth which he steadfastly does not floss, I'm in the next room being berated. Fact is I do floss, thank you, though not often enough for close-set teeth, and not while watching television with a long minty strand adorning my neck, as my hygienist helpfully suggests. So I'm working on it. But not via the necklace method.

F is for Functional Mobility. This is a fancy way of saying I'm trying to stretch every day, which doesn't start with F. If it's a workout day, I stretch after I'm done, not before. Part of my stretches lately include shadow boxing, because my instructor has asked us to spend ten minutes a day on technique.

Come to think of it, we're supposed to do planks for five minutes a day, too. P is for planks...L is for laundry... T is for tired of all these self-imposed demands.


  1. Stretching could start with an F, depending on how you're feeling that day. :)
    I like your posts.

  2. Good point, Elizabeth! And thanks.

  3. F is for Forgetting to cook, and feeding the guys Frozen Pizza

  4. F could be for fish oil, too, which I've been taking more regularly than flax, though flax is a good alternative, I hear. It's basically cured me of severe tendinitis, back and neck pain. If they made fish-flax oil, I'd take that, too.

  5. I recently learned of flax seed meal. What an amazing Find (F is for Find)! It really seems too good to be true! Finding foods fit for health is a feat.

    For me in my dream-world, F is for fine dark chocolate, frappuccinos, and fitness.

  6. Blogging with an F is Flogging. Just saying.

    If you took flex oil instead of flax oil, that would help with your functional mobility. Also just saying.

    Do you floss before or after the flax oil?

    Also, I hope you've had a wonderful birthday.

  7. Glenn, because of our facebook discussions way back, I've been taking fish oil regularly, too. So regularly, in fact, that I didn't list it here, because it's like breathing. Underwater. I love what it has done for my skin.

    Rebecca and Karen will share the wordsmith award, which must be fished out of flax oil.


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