Maybe I Don't Want To Be An Elite Athlete Anymore

Yesterday I announced I was to begin Insanity/The Asylum. Today I discovered The Asylum is not for humans.

Have I cried during a workout before? Right when you're ready to shut off the DVD (or pause it again, in my case), Shaun T says something along the lines of, "We're still in the warm up," or, "Now for the power round." Even the Marine behind him falters.

Did I mention I'm 40?

In other news, popular blogger Lisa Creech Bledsoe kindly solicited my advice on her crash from a boxing high. Read about it at her blog, The Glowing Edge, or at Women Talk Sports.

And while I shake my head at the thought that I, a once and still backward bookworm, am quoted on anything to do with athleticism, I also regret that I have the experience to qualify for an appearance on D-Mom Blog, for moms of children with diabetes. Read my interview from December here.


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