Empty Brain, Willing Heart

Writing prompts can be found anywhere, but I'm at a loss and turning to you, dear readers, in a time of wanting to write but having nothing that moves me.

Though teaching a fee-based fitness class yesterday had me really wondering how Miss Can't Skip (see kindergarten report card) got here. And

...coming home from that and being seriously sore had me comparing this job to other, less physical prior vocations. Then,

...being sore and cutting hair on my back deck, reminded me of when, as a teen, I once took a salon customer of my mom's while she was in the hospital, and granted him one of my very first haircuts. Also

...prepping again, among mounds of papers and supplies, to send my diabetic son to school, jars the psyche once again.

I don't know. Help me out here. I'm counting on you for inspiration. Last time, you moved me to connect celibacy with cooking. What could be next?


  1. I hear you sister, summer has that effect on me. When I'm in a lull like that (which has pretty much been my July & August) I dwell on the quality of the light -- noting the subtle changes. This morning as an example the sky was not a full blown up and at 'em, rather it still had rosy dawn hues that screamed out "Fall" and get on the stick girlie.

    My other trick is to do a timed write. Five minutes of non-stop writing complete with a timer. That usually kick starts the ideas -- and I generally get something going. And if it doesn't work the first time, I give a go the next day and so on.

    You've got a lot on your plate too ... so just give yourself permission to let it all happen.

  2. Why can I not find my copy of Writing Down the Bones? That *always* solves my writing issues. /heads off to track down book/

  3. Discipline: you're right, girlboxing. A big part of it is showing up. But I'm surprised your timer isn't set for three minutes!

    Lisa, that book is somewhere around here too. Last one finding it is a rotten egg...

  4. I lose, because I've never heard of that book. Is the Art Prize stuff going up yet? Maybe go look at some of that? I am really interested in what goes on in your brain WHILE you are working people out. Where does your head take you while your body is demonstrating things physically?

  5. ArtPrize is soon! You coming?

    You've inspired me. I'll address your concerns real soon.


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