It's Been A Whole Freakin' Year

Enough with the depressing posts lately. Instead of trying to articulate a year of living with type 1 diabetes, I thought I'd interview my charming son.


  1. ahahah MY FART! i have an 11 year old daughter who would think that was hilarious too, so go figure!

    i love the reenactments! all the best in your pump process! great to see the family! :)

  2. I guess he was technically still abiding by the "only do fart jokes at home" rule.

  3. I loved how proud he seems to be, having control over his own universe!

  4. He certainly does...I wonder how many viewers picked up on how much acting he's doing in this. Even the first "diabetes cheer" is a big fake. It took me awhile to realize that other people don't automatically realize he's putting them on...

  5. Nice to see you guys. Miss you--even the kids, whom I've never met. GO TEAM SCHEER!

  6. It's been forever, mister. Wish we could connect!


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