Little Things Mean A Lot

Right when I broke a Ritz cracker in two, it occurred to me: Everything means something. An extra half cracker could send my son's blood sugar where it shouldn't be. This small semi-circle, now placed back into the sleeve, could elevate his blood glucose level throughout the long night, and we would sleep unaware. Diabetes brings to light what most of us don't see. Your bowl of cereal is actually two and a half portion sizes, the bread with your pasta makes the carb count soar. If you exercise, you'll feel better.

But this is not about diabetes. I only have time to write a few small sentences, which I trust will make the difference.


  1. Thanks, Amy. We forget the small things sometimes. Yet they are no less important or meaningful.

  2. I like little things, and have a tendency to forget just how powerful they can be. There's something poetic and sometimes frightening about it...


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