If It Feels Good, Do It

My couple year bench-pressing career began with a need; having experienced the dumbbell chest press, I simply needed to do it again. I think I may have actually purchased a gym membership just to again experience that sensation, a very tactile desire I had to fulfill.

I thought of this the other day when out on a kayak, which is the new object of my tactile desires. A friend asked if I really did just wake up one day and decide I needed to steer a kayak, and my answer was pretty much a yes. Though I had done it once before, many years back, there was a day recently when I knew I needed to kayak, and soon. Since then I've headed out on my own a few times, and I can say that being alone on the water is now one of my favorite places to be. As a side note, it's helping rehab my long-running tennis elbow. It's excellent exercise, and soothing to the soul.

And then there was the day, a couple months back, when the idea occurred to me that I should run up a hill. Not much more to it than that; it sounded like a good idea. The family and I went in search of a hill, ran up it a few times, and that was that. Once again, great exercise, and a lot of fun for all.

What's next? I need to push a car. Why? I read it somewhere--"try pushing a car as far as you can"--and I knew I had to try. If the rain lets up this weekend, the family and I will go in search of an empty lot, put that thing in neutral, and see where it takes us next.


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