The Presentation

When the PowerPoint announces Long Term Complications, Common Long Term Problems,

asks What Risk Factors For Blocked Arteries Can I Control?; How Might Diabetes Affect My Eyes?; What Can I Do To Prevent Vision Loss?; and How Can I Prevent Kidney Damage?

explores Effects of Neuropathy; Sexual Dysfunction; Dental Problems; Skin Problems; Genital Area Infections; Concerns for the Feet

and wonders How Can I Delay Complications From Diabetes? you see your son's body as a target. You had posed him for a picture to keep track of his shots--an X on his belly, his arm, the other arm, the rear and the thighs--and when the marks cover him, you print off the next copy and there he stands again, unaware there's another round.


  1. When did you learn Theo had diabetes?

    Because you're doing NaBloPoMo, I assume you're NOT doing NaNoWriMo? A friend challenged me to write a novel this month; I laughed at her, saying that I might do it during spring semester when I have no teaching.

    Speaking of that, What year was it that we began collaborating on my Basic Writing conferences? I'm sure you're glad to be where you are, but I'd love to have you back here . . . helping my students. You were top notch on the big picture; I'm still copyediting.

    And even further off topic: Had I seen you looking like this (profile photo) on the street, I would have walked past you. You're half the woman you used to be, and that is not an insult. Lovely!

  2. Gee, I think I'll keep you around, Deb! Glad you're here.

    Theo was diagnosed on August 2 of this year. Read the basic story here:

    I miss coaching your students' writing, but I'm still doing it in different forms. Just signed on to help some ex-cons, actually, and anyone else who asks.

    Yes, I'm about 6 sizes smaller than when you saw me last! Keep in touch.


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