KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Toy Story shapes, serving size 2.5oz (about 1/2 box), total carbohydrate 48g. Peanut butter and jelly: two slices of bread, 23g; two tablespoons of peanut butter, 7g, so 3.5; jelly is...jeez. 13g per tbsp. Ask Theo if he'd like cherry tomatoes or carrots. Tomatoes. One medium tomato is 7g, so a small handful of cherry tomatoes you'll call 2g.

That's 65.5 divided by 20...wait; you've forgotten to include dessert. Give Theo the choice of cookies or a fruit roll-up. Instruct him to choose the fruit roll-up he wants and bring it to you so you can read the label. When he says he'd now rather have cookies, check the bag: Four mini cookies for 21g. 65.5 plus 21 is 86.5. 86.5 divided by 20, your insulin to carb ratio, equals 4.325 units of insulin for your food dose. Drain the noodles for the mac and cheese, throw in the butter and ask Theo to wash his hands. Wash your own hands, too, and check the page to see where you've poked him last. Right index finger this time, Theo, you say, and move away from the food to prick his finger.

219: a little high. 219 minus your four-hour correction target of...150 is 69. 69 divided by the insulin sensitivity factor of 100 is .69. .69 plus the 4.325 food dose is 5.015. That's 5 units of insulin for lunch. Prep injection pen. Test by shooting out two units into the trash. Check the paper to see where his last shot was given, and give him the choice of belly or arms. Arms have been getting bruised; encourage belly. Hand him a half wet, half dry paper towel to wash off his belly.

Inject insulin into your child's belly. Hope the full dose is covered; the pen is running low. You don't know how to change an insulin cartridge yet, so you just don't know what will happen when it runs out.

Get the mac and cheese to the table. Make sure other foods on the list get in front of Theo. Try to give equal attention to your other child. Make mental note to do a control test on the meter--the step you keep ignoring--while making a lunch for yourself. Wonder if Theo's temperment will always alter like this, or will he act more like himself once his blood glucose numbers are regulated. Fight off melancholy.

Write blog post. Review lunch calculations and see that you had halved the carbs listed as one serving size of mac and cheese. Realize in a panic your son has eaten 24g of carbs not covered by insulin. Run out and tell him to do laps around the house. Return to finish blog post.

Send people here when they ask what it's like to have a child with juvenile diabetes. Because this is what it's like.


  1. Oh Amy. Ugh. Hang in there. Mary Z

  2. Sing it loud, sister. This. is. so. spot. on.

    (I would sing with you but my voice isn't nearly so nice to listen to)


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