So I'm looking at the photos from the last competition and I'm thinking a couple of things.

One, I need to find a more modest sport. I mean, hello, there were like 40 people not very far from the end of this bench. In a semi-circle.

And two, I should tuck in those elbows and point my feet forward, and theoretically increase my leverage. At this meet, I made a conscious effort to tuck in my shoulder blades and butt, and this mostly worked. But then I read one of the many important e-mails I receive on a daily basis, named something like "Eight Biggest Bench Blunders," which probably came in shortly after another highly urgent e-mail entitled "Three Steps to Complexion Perfection: Buy Two Get One Free Skin Care" or, possibly, "Your bowling coupons are ready."

The e-mails made me take a second look at the photos. Yep, flared elbows. Ooh, and complexion issues. Resolved: Go bowling and forget about it.


  1. I found a torrent of some EliteFTS vids. You might be interested in the bench one.
    Here's the link:

  2. Thanks,, Trevor. I'm having trouble getting my prehistoric laptop to open them, but I--or more likely, Greg--will work on it.


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