The Lorax Speaks For the Trees, Amy Speaks For the Musclemen

The Grand Rapids Press no longer posts their letters to the editor on the website, so you'll have to trust me when I tell you this letter of mine appeared in the August 5, 2010 print edition:

Kevin McDonough is right to take a wary stance while reviewing reality shows ("Will viewers bask in Tony Robbins' 'Breakthrough'?" July 27). However, his implication that "bulging neck muscles" render Tony Robbins' advice incompetent is silly and unfair.

As a competitive weightlifter with intellectual leanings, I consider the development of the physical body a pursuit that is both complementary and equally valid to a life of the mind.

Besides, the upper body bulk McDonough refers to is most likely the trapezius muscles--located in the neck, yes, but mostly visible to Robbins' audience from their developed positions in his back.

Perhaps only someone with bulging neck--and back--muscles would be smart enough to know that.


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