A Conversation That Reveals What The Son Thinks of the Mother, Who Is Doing Her Best to be Normal

THEO (age 8): Mom! What day's Matt coming over?
ME: Saturday.
THEO: Oh good! Matt's a lot of fun.
ME: Yes he is. I like Matt.
THEO: You can even tell your jokes around him.
ME: What kind of jokes do you mean?
THEO: You know, the kind you usually tell--ones that are inappropriate.


  1. This is really funny.

    I think of this when the boys eagerly gather beside you on the couch for a mock reading of "Becky Has Diabetes" or other sub par children's books. I think to myself, "This is not normal." On the other hand, we all enjoy it.

  2. I do my best. Can I help it if my best is subversive in nature?

  3. lol, love it. sounds like my kid. :)


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