I'm In A Video That Has 2,307 YouTube Hits

At the end of a long day at Gleason's, some guy put headphones on me and asked me to speak in full sentences for the camera. I only agreed to play deer in the headlights because Phyllis did it. Phyllis is the other woman in the video. If she had jumped off a cliff, or the nearby Brooklyn bridge, I, too, at that point in the day, might have joined her in sheer exhaustion.

We'll let them believe I'm a "NY boxer" and one of "the finest at Gleason's Gym" (see YouTube description), now won't we?


  1. No stumbling off a bridge involved. Or stumbling in general is allowed. Unless it's like a life lesson you're stumbling through. I guess that's allowed.

  2. Heeey, that's super coolio. And they let you be the last one before the credits BECAUSE YOU WERE THE BEST ONE and if they didn't you would punch them, hah. Srsly. Cool.

  3. hey there you are! it's 2437 now! i'd previously seen their video with the kids listening to skrillex which was quite amusing. great to put your face and voice to your blog. :)

  4. What a great idea! Don't matter what you say cause you look all hard and street, you feelin' me?


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