Guilt Trip for Greg

A couple of days into Greg's trip to Ukraine, there were guys all over the house. My own two boys, running around playing; a friend, mowing the lawn; and a friend of the boys, whom I found digging. His plan was to extend the nearby creek into our backyard. I stopped him.

Last night I saw that my left headlight was burnt out, yet another reminder of the need for my man in the house:

Shortly after this video was taken, I had the idea to open the instruction manual. It was determined that pliers are not actually needed for changing bulbs. I followed directions, and yet:

Got my hands into the greasiness again. Was getting late for work. Cursing Greg. But then this:


  1. Just for the record, I don't feel bad at all. In fact, this is absolutely sexist. Who made the law that it's the man's job to change lightbulbs in the car? Do I make videos of myself doing the dishes? No, I don't. I see right through you, young lady, and your guilt trip has FAILED.

    But I still miss you...

  2. Your mama can change the bulbs. Actually, I mean that; she probably could, and better than me. She's pretty handy.

  3. Y'all funny. Amy, you got nice arms, too! And WTH, is it summer up there? Freakin' winter down here... Grumble grumble.

  4. It's been in the high 70s. And we had been wearing winter coats last week.

    I own serious teenage boy arms. Another fun thing about boxing: suddenly I'm seeing lots of women with the exact same body type. It's like the one muppet movie where Gonzo finds his species.

  5. And who votes for videos of Greg doing dishes?

  6. Let's just say the self-sufficiency wore off after TWO WEEKS. I was losing it yesterday. The kids have clean underwear and are fed, which is about all I have going for parenting skills right about now (he returns home tomorrow).


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