Meet Bobby, Frank, Fred and Charlie (RIP)

Just hours after Dottie's departure, we saved these sweet little mice from the jaws of some cagebound rattler. You call 'em feeder mice, we call 'em pets; a buck seventy-five's worth of utter cuteness.

(Charlie, seen here in the food dish, died during the night. Ah, but do not grieve for him; he lived a short, eventful life.)

(blogging through November but trying not to be like this)


  1. hello tiny mice! my kid also recently bought 2 pet mice from the pet store that were surely destined to be some snake's lunch. she named them nibbles and killer. rip charlie.

  2. Aren't they the cutest things? And as they get used to us, it's like they're even more playful and friendly. What do you feed them?

  3. Our boys had 'em once but they were kinda stinky. Although it's also possible that they (and by "they" I mean "I") didn't keep the aquarium clean enough.

    Ditto for hamsters. Which SHOULD be spelled hamPsters, IMO.

  4. Today they're fighting a lot. I think one hasn't figured out he's in the company of men.


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