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the ebook is here! plus other one-stop shopping links.

Lots of FRAMES links for you today. CLICK HERE for the KINDLE version. HERE for the PAPERBACK version. OVER HERE for the facebook event invite for LOCAL AUTHOR NIGHT (Grand Rapids). AND ESPECIALLY HERE if you haven't yet "liked" the FRAMES facebook page. Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. (Visit the links already.)

Grand Rapids FRAMES talk and booksigning

In town? Please join me! I'll try to be interesting.

Fashion by MY MOM

THEO: Don't wear your hair in two ponytail things. ME: Why not? THEO: You're like a two-year-old girl whose birthday is today. THEO: I am deeply disturbed by the holes in your sweatpants. ME: At least I'm not like those guys who wear their pants hanging down. THEO: But those guys aren't my mom. THEO: Those pants make your butt look big. ME: I want my butt to look big. THEO: But it looks really big. ME: I want it to look really big. THEO: It's "all about that bass." ME: Right. THEO: But do you want to look like that? [points to large, elderly woman walking past] THEO: I don't like the pink streak in your hair. ME: Why not? THEO: I'm not sure. ME: Because it looks like I'm trying too hard? THEO: Maybe. ME: Like I think I'm 20? THEO: Um...yeah. ME: Like I'm a girl who spends all day at the mall? THEO: Just... don't do it again.