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The ABCs of My YMCA

Maybe not all the letters, but more than the mere four the Village People cover. Here's an homage to some people and moments of a building that's about to go away. A is for a happenstance, a coincidence, a collision of stars.  "I want to join the Y!" I told my husband eight years ago. "Why?" he asked. "I don't know, but I do." B is for Bob. Bob has been lending me books for years now. He knows what I like and which BBC series will hook me. Here is what I know about Bob: 1. His name is Bob. Bob Doe lets me keep his stuff for weeks, months, doesn't worry. When I wrote a book, Bob was one of only a handful of people I lent it to, and certainly the only person whom I wouldn't actually be able to track down. I didn't see him for a long spell after that, and when I did, he was smiling. He had since bought six books and given them out to friends. This made me feel good, because here's the other thing I know about Bob: