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Books Read in 2016

Twenty-one books! This is the lowest record yet, and I'll just go ahead and chalk it up to a divorce year, where time was spent reading court orders and custody guidelines and not as many New York Times bestsellers. Instead of dividing the books into random, invented categories, as I usually do , let's stick with two this year: titles--actual wording of titles--I could apply to my year of divorce, and the others I couldn't. The latter category is smaller than the former, which is why this experiment is so interesting. I mean, come on; I finished "When Things Fall Apart"! By coincidence! Nicholas Sparks could not have planned this better. Titles I Read That Coincidentally Could Easily Be Applied To Said Divorce, and Require Some Use Of Your Imagination • When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron • Promise Land, Jessica Lamb-Shapiro • The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine, Alexander McCall Smith • The Red Parts, Maggie Nelson • Bluets, Maggie Nelson • Between The W