The Writer's Almanac for November 21, 2009

Just helping Garrison Keillor out today.

It's the birthday of writer, weightlifter, and theatre instructor Amy Scheer (1970). Scheer was raised in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, where, as a young girl, she won an Andy Gibb puzzle for her drawing of Miss Piggy at a local park. Her first attempt at writing was halted after the first page, as so much effort was given to producing the book's title--The Missing Canoe--she felt satisfied enough to abandon the rest of the project entirely.

In 1993 she married the composer Greg Scheer, who later wrote the book The Art of Worship (2006). They have two boys--Simon and Theo--whom they did not name after The Chipmunks though they were aware it was happening. Theo calls his mother a "wri-tist" who "plays with people who don't have houses."

Shortly before her 38th birthday, Scheer began strength training in earnest, and entered her first bench press competition on April 25 of this year. She benched 110 pounds and won her first trophy. At the next competition in February of 2010, Scheer will go for 120.


  1. I have studied the life of Amy Scheer, and I can say--without a doubt--she's all that and so much more. Happy birthday, Amy. We love you!


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