To everything there is a season

Maybe it's not a good idea to quit your job at a homeless shelter and drive home, insert Soderbergh's Che Part 2 into your DVD player and rewatch the final scene, where Che is fatally shot for his efforts to help the poor in Bolivia. And maybe it's not a good idea to watch the scene that happens just before, when a guard asks Che who he believes in if not in God. "Mankind," he answers.

Or maybe that's just what's needed. I'm not sure quite yet.

I did good work at the shelter. A coworker was spot on when she said this:

You sweet but you strong. You love the women, but at the same time you give the impression they better hope you left your other side at home.

And now the form of that work has come to an end. The poor we will always have with us, and other projects are in the queue. Stay tuned.


  1. Rachel,

    On the highway I take to the shelter, there's a lot of construction. Orange cones begin appearing midway through my route, and large signs flash the message that soon, the exits will end. The exit I take happens to be the last one that's open, and by the time I reach it, all manner of warnings have come at me.

    It's a perfect metaphor for this job. I did good solid work while there, just as the road I traveled was sturdy and secure. But both had to come to an end, and all signs pointed in that direction.

  2. Do you still do theater there, or do you just not have a job there anymore?

  3. I'm no longer employed there officially, and for now I'm taking a break from the theatre, as well. Meanwhile, the shelter has some grant applications out that, if successful, will enable me to start a new theatre-related project there. I've also got some other ideas brewing, but I want to sit on them awhile.


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