A Woman's Road to Ruin

Had the writer of this 1878 list in the American Christian Review addressed the issue of women boxing and bench pressing, I'd know exactly where I stand on the road to ruin. Alas, we can only follow the downward spiral of women who dared take up... croquet.

1. A social party.
2. Social and play party.
3. Croquet party.
4. Picnic and croquet party.
5. Picnic, croquet, and dance.
6. Absence from church.
7. Imprudent or immoral conduct.
8. Exclusion from the church.
9. A runaway-match.
10. Poverty and discontent.
11. Shame and disgrace.
12. Ruin.

(as found in A People's History of Sports in the United States by Dave Zirin)


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