What's Happening In My Head While Someone's Hitting It

Thoughts While Sparring For the First Time

--Hey. HEY!
--Oh yeah? Oh yeah?
--I can take that. No problem. Come at me again.
--She's street fighting. This isn't pretty.
--I WANT to LAND a solid RIGHT. Get your FREAKIN gloves out the WAY. Lemme try again.
--Her head snapped back. THAT'S what I'm talking about. Wait: should I feel bad about that? Her mother is watching. I'm hitting this woman's daughter.
--Actually, I don't feel bad at all.
--She's tired. She's MINE.

Thoughts Later In the Night After Sparring For the First Time

--My jaw hurts.
--Holy Sh*t I was boxing.
--Why isn't this tylenol kicking in?
--Why does my head still hurt?
--What is this bruise on my chest?
--Holy Sh*t I'm 40 and I was BOXING.
--What did any of that training have to do with someone standing there trying to hit me?
--Must learn more defense before I do that again.
--Will you do this again?
--Yeah, sure; a little more defense first, though.
--But my head. It hurts. Ow.
--What did you expect?
--Yeah, I guess I should expect to hurt a little after all that.
--Those girls were half your age.
--I rock.
--Do you?
--Sure. Hell, I wouldn't have been able to do this even three months ago.
--Yeah, you didn't even sit down between rounds.
--See? I rock.
--Stop it. I want to feel good about this so that the pain in my head doesn't take over.
--You really want to do a sport that causes pain in your head?
--Why don't you just recover today and see what you think?
--I'll do that.


  1. WOOOOOOO!!!

    I'm SO proud of you, girlfriend! You did it! Of course, you were always going to do it, but now you've done it and it's ON!

    (Trying to contain my excitement, not succeeding.)

    Just wrote you an email in response to your questions. I need to write up some posts for you.

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! You DID it! You ROCK, yes you do.

    PS: It's normal to have a headache the next day. This is part of why we only spar once a week at most.

  2. The headache: subsided by day 2. And you know what? Ive been having headaches all the time lately anyway, so might as well earn one of em, I figure.

    (Again trying to rationalize this whole getting hit in the head sport)

    Thanks for the love! And for your post pointing in this direction.

  3. You rock! Just make sure you seek proper medical attention when appropriate between episodes of rocking.

  4. Will do! The headache went away, and the bruise is no longer sore, but occasionally the part of my tongue I chewed up catches me off guard, so to speak.

    Fun sport.

  5. This is fabulous :)
    Excited to start sparring soon, with G-d's help!


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