Diabetes And School: I Managed To Work In The Paula Deen Joke

Theo and I worked on our little scene we'll perform for his third grade class at the start of school (as explained here), to educate them on his type 1 diabetes. It's going pretty well so far. Here's the beginning.

Hi Theo.
Hi Mom.
Let’s talk about diabetes.
You ate too many cookies, and that’s how you got diabetes, right?
You played tag with some diabetic kid and you caught it from him, right?
You were a bad boy, and the Easter Bunny put diabetes in your basket?
Then how did you get it?
I got struck by lightning.
Those little bugs on my eyelashes squirted out diabetes juice.
I ate one of Paula Deen’s burgers on a Krispy Kreme donut bun.
Well, I can believe that one.

(to be continued)


  1. That is hilarius. School is like the hardest part with diabetes. I once had a teacher refuse to let me leave and get something for a low once and I felt like those ten minutes were the worst time of my life. Thank goodness the nurse ripped him a new one and from then on I kept candy in my pockets. I guess we both learned something that day.

  2. Wow. There's a teacher for the "let go" list.

    And your mom learned a lesson too, I bet: to check your pockets for candy before throwing pants into the laundry. (Did I mention I washed one of those little glucose keychains--with the tablets in it? They basically turned to stone, and I had to coax them out through several days of soaking.)


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