The Problem With Pants

The pants I'm wearing today have a large hole above and to the left of the right rear pocket. The front right pocket is starting to pull from the seam, creating another rip. Because I am aware of these problems, and because I hate to sew, I wear a long shirt. Had I not told you, you wouldn't have known.

Two weeks ago I dressed for church, and at the last minute turned to check the rear view. Though I am 41 years old, it has taken me until recently to learn to look for underwear lines, food between my teeth, etc. At this check it was discovered that two seams in the seat had pulled apart. Another seam, in a more private location, had completely ripped. I changed.

And back a couple of summers ago, while wearing a favorite pair of comfy pants, I met a new neighbor outside for the first time. Our conversation was heavy: she had recently recovered from brain surgery. As she relayed the story in great detail, I noticed her eyes glancing down quite frequently.

Must be a side effect of the surgery, I thought. Or she's admiring my pants, which are pretty unique--baggy with a drawstring at the top, a different colored fabric accenting the bellbottoms.

And then I looked down. The drawstring had given way, and because of the bagginess of the pants, I hadn't noticed.

My pants had all but fallen down.

Interestingly, two of the three pairs of pants described above came from the same store. It's a place that features eco apparel, in fabrics like soy and hemp. Their buzz word is "sustainable," not only to describe the clothing itself but also in terms of the greater good.

I think I proved otherwise.


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