It's All Good

Too busy to produce one coherent post; here are some recent developments, instead.

In the category of how often does this happen: I'm looking at graduation announcements in the paper and I say to Simon, "I snapped this girl's head back with my fist."


I used to pay to write my own college papers. Thanks probably to drinking too much coffee today, I flashed back to sitting in the sculpture room at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, where I'd hand write essays (yes) and take them back to my typewriter (egads) for a clean copy. I never did have any notions of being a writer, yet something in me knew the words would flow best around great art. So I paid to sit there.


I'm a personal trainer now. At the risk of making too much of this, it seems fitting to stop and think about how I got to this point. Most directly, I began the certification process thanks to a man at my gym who claimed a year ago that he's saving up part of his family's budget to have me train him. (If his wife is reading, maybe she can verify the truth of this, as her man is prone to hyperbole). I proffered all sorts of excuses, which held him off for some months, until the day he said something both really nice and mean, something along the lines of, "You're too scared to do what you're good at."

I realized he was right--not just with personal training, but with most everything else.

This whole process has been one of facing such fears, from studying difficult equations and physiological processes to taking a three hour, brain-numbing examination. To realizing that Oh, now I'm going to be meeting with people one on one. They're paying to be with me. Refer to Fear #1.

But mostly I'm excited for the challenge. I know I know my stuff, and it's just a matter now of getting my feet wet. I have two most excellent, very different clients waiting for me to get oriented to the Y's protocol and have at it.


All of sudden I have three new jobs. You know about the personal training. I'm also about to begin working as a coach in the Y's Diabetes Prevention Program, aimed at people who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Classes will be held out in the community, in inner city churches and clinics. My experience at the homeless shelter helped land me this job, and I'm happy to get back out there and teach.

Also, I'm doing some PR writing for the Y now. Yes, all of these new jobs start within a couple weeks of each other. Busy, but all good.


  1. I suspect I may be Mrs. Hyperbole. He fully intends to have you train him, but the thing about his prudent budgeting was an embellishment. I got it covered, though.
    You sound busy!

  2. The worst part is, after all that, he didn't get to be my first client. I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

    Not too busy right now, as the diabetes stuff hasn't started yet. You must be, though--haven't seen you in a while. Take care til we meet again...


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