When Groups Play

Heaped onto the buffet of my interests and vocations is a job in television.

For Calvin College's interview show Inner Compass, you'll find me researching topics, writing questions, powdering bald heads and styling flyaway hairs. I've run sound and recently begun editing video, as well.

My hand was heavy in many aspects of this episode, "When Groups Play: Flash Mobs and Urban Experiments," from its genesis to the final edit. At around 1:10 there's a video package I produced and for which I slept with the composer to get some good music. My (and the composer's) son Simon, in jungle hat, is interviewed in the package; parts of the rest of my family appear, as well.


  1. Now everyone knows why I'm so prolific--I have to buy my wife's affection with music! Well, whatever it takes...

  2. That was one GOOD show, start to finish - music, guest's makesup, lack of cat hair on me, questions, topic, video footage, and chalk music. Oh yes, people.

  3. At first, I didn't realize it actually was the music, but thought it would be awesome music. Then I realized it was the music, and I like it even more. I don't suppose I can get it on iTunes... you have my email ;<)


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