Flying Monkeys and Me

There's a video wrap-up of the Applied Theatre Conference I taught at a few months back. If you're wondering what I'm saying during my little segment, know that I am, too; that's the day, as I recall, I walked around claiming to see flying monkeys. The exhaustion was worth it; it was a great conference. The large group of people waving their arms around was the last exercise I conducted. 80 some people doing Theatre of the Oppressed. Mighty cool.


  1. "Obviously you can see the parallels and roots--that's society" is how I'd transcribe it. Deep thoughts. Funny thing is that I just finished editing a video (like 30 seconds ago) that used the exact same canned music.

  2. That's really weird. Unless it's really popular and overused music.
    As for deep thoughts, I don't know--though I do recall now that I was trying to get the audience to connect the experience of the game with how society functions. Hopefully it made more sense at the time than in the transcription.

  3. That track comes with Final Cut Studio. It's already royalty-free, and a nice track, so I hear it pop up all the time. Even someone like me who could write something original usually doesn't spend the time, especially when there is a perfectly suitable track available. (Sorry for the time-lagged response.)


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