I need to get a blogroll going so you can see where I like to go out there in the vast internet. Meanwhile, here's a shout out to some interesting women.

Girlboxing. Malissa does a great job keeping us current on the state of women's boxing. And she keeps up her end of the sport at Gleason's, where I plan to meet her next month.

Creative Urges. I met Carol yesterday and bought a bunch of cool leather bracelets. I instantly liked Carol, not just because her first words to me were "So what's your story?" but because she's competing in The Warrior Dash next month (I never wanted to do a 5K, but now I definitely will). Go see and buy her stuff at her online store.

Mosaic Language Group. It was at Jill's house that I met Carol. Jill has lots of great ideas in her interesting head, and she's now following one of those dreams by starting Spanish language classes for families. If you're here in Grand Rapids, consider this.

The Glowing Edge. I don't know how Lisa does it, but she manages to make a variety of topics equally interesting. So even if you're not yet a fan of boxing, or bands, or foodie food, you'll love her blog.

D-Mom Blog: the sweet life with a diabetic child. Thanks to Leighann for highlighting my post The Last Lunch, and for all the quality work she does for the type 1 community. Click here to get there:

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday


  1. More awesome women <-everyone should add these to their life every day. Thanks for helping out!

  2. Woo hoo! Your blog is awesome, too, even though I know nothing about home improvements. I just like your photography skills, especially where your dog is concerned.

  3. Many many thanks for the inclusion here and the good recommendations! I'm busy visiting, "liking", reading and enjoying them.


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