In The Desert

I read on my chiropractor's blog that he'll be riding 100 miles on his bike in Death Valley to raise funds for JDRF and diabetes research.

Conscious thought #1: Wow, how great that he's raising money for research.


Really hot there. Major commitment.

Subconsciously on the radar: Lots of fundraisers this week. I tend to give money to those that are more socially conscious, not science-based. More immediate impact, it feels like.

And to the forefront again: But obviously we've got a personal tie here.

Just as suddenly: Oh.

This is a fundraiser for my son
People are riding bikes in the desert for my son. 
My son needs people riding bikes for him. This research is for him.

The language used to convince people to give--this could be breast cancer, or heart disease, and one would nod their head in sympathy. But these complications they list, they're talking about--

A shutting down. Then, I should give money.

And finally,

What amount could possibly be enough?


  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, diabetes is a trip, but it must be dealt with.

  2. "What amount could possibly be enough?"

    i feel ya.

    i wonder what your chiro's connection is and has it ever come up? that ride is super badass though.

  3. Apparently his sister is a researcher into retinopathy, and she's doing the ride, too.


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