How (Not) To Name Your Posts

See that section off to the side that says "Most-Viewed Posts"? It's automatically updated. It knows what you're reading; it knows if you've been bad or good.

So read the good posts, for goodness' sake, and not this one, which has now made the list. The post that shall not be named, or some other large creature will end up here again, and most likely leave frustrated at getting benching advice from a skinny girl whose lift still hovers around 130.

I picture a muscle bound man googling "bench press add 40 pounds," finding this blog, landing on a post about an ancient Greek philosopher, slamming down his protein drink and exclaiming, What the ---?

To you, large man, I apologize. I humbly submit that I'm a sham; I even declined to register for a competition happening later this month.

Why, you ask? I'm busy. Reading Plato.


  1. Seriously? Plato? I knew you were awesome *before* this post, but now? Now you are ├╝ber awesome.

  2. I'll fess up: it was Aristotle, not Plato. "Plato" fit better, phonetically speaking. But will it knock me down a notch in your book if I say I was bored?

  3. I get hits like that, too, but I never ever ever EVER apologize because it's my blog and I can do whatever I want.

    Besides, how often do those big musclebound dudes get to intersect with Plato (or Aristotle)? In my opinion, you did them a favor.

    As a matter of fact, they owe you!

  4. Point taken. I'll do what I want! In a public forum!


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