Top Ten Sick Day Activities, Saturday-Sunday

1. Sleep
2. Read Kierkegaard
3. Sleep and have strange dreams about Kierkegaard
4. Skip a show (so sorry, guys)
5. Feel guilty for skipping the show
6. Watch Food, Inc.
7. Feel guilty for serving my children meat
8. Become paranoid over every diabetes decision, as last week at this time, while tired, I injected six units of fast-acting insulin instead of slow-acting insulin. Theo was required to eat five desserts at 9 o'clock on a school night.
9. Regret not having exercised for three days
10. Offer advice on constructing a Haunted Mansion in our basement, so that my children, too, may claim a "trip" to Disneyworld on spring break


  1. Wait. Were you sick, or your kid? Are there dreams about Kierkegaard that aren't strange? I once - this is true - won a high school debate competition by best using the word 'antikierkegaardian' in a sentence.

    Or it could have been my cuteness. Not sure.

  2. My kids are bright, but they're not reading Kierkegaard yet. That's quite an, uh, accomplishment you had there! Best I got in high school was Nicest Nails, third place (total ripoff).

    Actually, I won some speech stuff, too. Sounds like we were in the same arenas.

  3. Oh my gosh, I always worry I might do your #8. And, I wanted to add that I thought your comments about the omni and jumping were the most unique points about the system I've ever heard! Thanks for including!

  4. It was bound to happen at some point...and I screamed the minute I injected the shot, because the sound of the different pen immediately clued me in to my mistake. My husband was so confused--he figured if I made a mistake, it would be our son who would scream!


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