According to The Dream Well,

New rooms in a house can relate to areas in our lives where we are discovering new skills, abilities or strengths within ourselves. ... Dreams of new rooms invite us to look at what we thought were our limitations, and to recognise that we can move beyond them. ... Our feelings and reactions to this new room, or the series of new rooms will give us important clues as to how this relates to our lives. Do you feel awe inspired, excited and amazed? Do you feel a sense of nervousness and trepidation? Or do you simply not want to know, and decide to lock the door and keep this room hidden, a secret?

I often dream I've found new rooms in my house. Usually, I'm thrilled at the chance for more space, and typically these rooms are quite tastefully done, filled with furniture I didn't know I had.

Last night, I found some new rooms. And I could only be bothered to think, "Damn: another bathroom to clean."


  1. I usually dream of architecturally interesting rooms or houses that I would never be able to design while awake, let alone clean.

  2. Me too. And I'm like, HOW did I not see THAT before? Maybe said bathroom wasn't the height of architectural fashion.

  3. I have a reacurring nightmare where we're moving to an enormous piece of landscaped (in need of fixing) land with big labyrinthine houses packed with the last person's junk. In one version of this dream, there are even tenants living on the estate whom we will be responsible for. Sheer panic. the worst detail is the multiple kitchens packed with stuff, including two refrigerators that were never unloaded. I think this would be close to hell. Definitely a stress-induced dream.
    Kim, not thrownfree


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