Jumping On The Bandwagon for 30 Days

Everybody's doing P90x. Or maybe Insanity. So where did I choose to begin? Part 3: Insanity/The Asylum. Arrived in the mailbox yesterday.

Though I'd been mixing up my workout routines, I was still putting a lot of focus on strength, with the occasional shoulder conditioning for boxing. Asylum promises to turn me into an agile athlete.

I'll miss a month of working out at the Y, but I'll see my people when I'm on the clock there, thankfully. And do my sweating at home.

If the "athletic performance assessment" is any indication, I'll be doing a lot of that. Sweating. (And when you're sore mid-workout instead of 2 days after, you know you're in trouble.) I can't bear to post a video I made right after, so this will have to do:

Buy beachbody products, including P90x and Insanity, from my friend Mindy.


  1. I tried Crossfit last week and LOVED it. But for an additional $150/month? No can do. Trying to figure out how to include Crossfit activities at our Y with fitness director.

    One armed mountain climbers? Jumping Lunges? LOVE IT!

    Will you post your top 5 favorite items from this series once you have a chance to review it?

  2. I'm not terribly familiar with CrossFit, but I hear good things. Is your Y designing a similar class?

    "Favorite," in this context, would be a sadistic word. I did things yesterday in the assessment that I'd never heard of. Greg keeps calling the one "the 'Oh God' exercise"--apparently I repeated that phrase the whole minute.

  3. Oh. I'm gonna need to know more about the 'Oh God' exercise. Deets please! I teach group fitness classes at our local Y and am always looking for new moves.

    I actually tried a one arm mountain climber and fell over.

  4. Aha! So you're one of those superhumans (see my post of today).

    He calls it an In/Out Ab Progression. Uses an agility ladder, but you could simulate it without. Hands on sides of ladder around the third square from your feet. Palms DOWN (hardest part). Body straight back, up on toes. Feet together, jump in and out of the first square (end up back on toes with body extended behind you). Then the second square. Then--if you're one of those superhuman group fitness people--the third. Dear God in heaven.


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