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When the kids and I pass by the store "Fitness Things," we feel somewhat unsatisfied. Couldn't they have taken an extra moment or two around the board room table and come up with another name? One that gets to the true heart of their mission?

We worked on some possibilities we feel they should consider. Here are the top contenders.

Fitness 'R' Us

Fitness Crap 'N' Stuff

Thingies Related To Fitness

Fitness Things But No Potato Chips

Several Products Having Something To Do With Exercise

Greg, too, is working on creative projects with the kids. Check out the Theophiles at The Musical Diary of Greg Scheer.


  1. B'Ha! Here are some more:
    - Fitness Hut
    - Haus O' Exercise Stuff
    - We Have a 'Vibration' Tab on Our Website For No Logical Reason

  2. Yes! Fitness Hut!

    You made me curious...I followed the vibration tab and found rock climbing walls (?) but also something to do with vibration--those platforms you stand on while they, uh, vibrate. I remember seeing my mom on these in a gym in the 70s. They're still around? They're still considered...effective?

  3. my fave is thingies related to fitness. for some reason, it reminds me of that old letterman bit when he visited "just bulbs". jump to 1:48. :)


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